For added safety and cost savings

An ideal use of coolant lubricant is considered a factor for success. Reduce production costs, optimise production processes and protect your resources – rhenus lubrineering, the premium fluid management system from Rhenus Lub, permanently reduces your unit costs and improves sustainability processes within your business at the same time.

rhenus lubrineering – Next generation fluid management

rhenus lubrineering is a concept for genuine added value that successfully combines excellent products with highly specialised process expertise. Consequently, we go far beyond conventional fluid management. We not only gradually improve individual process parameters and applied coolant lubricants, but also holistically take into account all influential factors of coolant lubricants on the processing process. With guaranteed success: your processes become safer and more efficient while boosting quality.

rhenus lubrineering fluid management is continuously efficient

All advantages at a glance

  • Increased productivity thanks to sustainable process optimisation
  • Transparent fluid processes thanks to fluid management based on key figures
  • Longer fluid service life thanks to targeted product selection
  • Minimised tool and machine wear
  • Optimised disposal management
  • Increased efficiency thanks to staff qualification
  • Compliance with EU directives: occupational safety, health and environmental protection
  • Access to up-to-date fluid management expertise

All information about rhenus lubrineering at a glance?

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Coolants usage analysis

The three-stage plan – Our guarantee for successful fluid management

rhenus lubrineering is a synonym for added efficiency and a permanently measurable verification of success. Simply get more from your process – with our successfully applied three-stage plan consisting of intelligently combined management and services.

Determining and analysing the status quo

Our experienced team of specialists analyses the current situation surrounding the use of coolant lubricants for you.

  • Determining the influential factors and their effect on overall costs
  • Identifying potentials for optimisation using innovative equipment and measuring methods
  • Traceable breakdown of factual fluid consumption and costs within the on-going production process

Be it purchasing, product selection, tools, filter systems, HR resources or other process components – everything is verified to make the maximum potential for optimisation tangible.

Creating your individual fluid management concept

We develop an individual fluid management concept for you.

  • Creating specifications as the basis for an individual offer
  • Illustrating potentials for cost reduction as a definition of objectives
  • Continuous reporting to keep to targets

Targeted selection of components as the basis for concept development.

You will see: minor changes already bring about significant savings.

Sustainably optimising processes

We continuously and sustainably improve your production processes

  • Optimising determined factors
  • Increasing productivity and boosting efficiency
  • Permanently measurable success

Consequently, you structure your production process safer and more efficiently on a whole.

Leave your fluid management to experts

Fully concentrate on your production process, our rhenus lubrineering specialists will take care of the rest. You need not deploy your own staff for this purpose because we safely and reliably take care of ideal care and maintenance of your coolant lubricants and the most challenging tooling machines. We can optionally also take care of training and qualification measures for your staff.

You would like to know how much you can save with our rhenus lubrineering fluid management? Contact us – we are happy to help!

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Director of Marketing and Product Management

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rhenus lubrineering Project Engineer

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