The future of mobility is electric. Recently there has been a noticeable increase in the number of electronic components in motors and drivetrains. And ever more innovative materials such as light metals and fibre-reinforced plastics are signalling the next stage of sustainable vehicle development. This is presenting the entire automotive industry with brand-new challenges, not to mention opportunities.

Stay competitive, even under shifting framework conditions. And shape the mobility transition with us. As a leading technology expert for the automotive sector, at Rhenus Lub we develop lubricant concepts that enable you to effortlessly master the new requirements of e-mobility.

rhenus special greases for e-mobility

Whether electric motors or hybrid drives, high torques result in extreme temperatures and push conventional lubricating greases to their limit. But rhenus special greases for e-mobility help you to keep your cool no matter what. Thanks to their intelligent formulation, our lubricating greases are extremely stable, even under the very high temperatures generated by electric motors.

Our lubricating greases for electromobility at a glance:

  • rhenus HIN 2
  • rhenus WBN 2
  • rhenus WAO 2
  • rhenus AKC 2
  • rhenus CVN 3
  • rhenus LMN 2

rhenus metal working fluids for e-mobility

Sustainable mobility is setting new standards for materials and machining types. Lightweight materials and material combinations that are sustainable but difficult to machine are being used to an increasing extent. This has also resulted in a change in requirements for metal working fluids. Leave nothing to chance with our metal working fluid portfolio for electromobility. Process light metals (aluminium, magnesium), non-ferrous metals (copper), composite materials (GFRP, CFRP) and stacks (combined materials such as light metal with CFRP or steel) reliably and efficiently

Our metal working fluids for electromobility at a glance:

  • rhenus FU 755
  • rhenus XT 46 FC
  • rhenus XY 190 FC
  • rhenus TU 446
  • rhenus XF 80 MG

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Dr. Marco PfeifferDr. Marco Pfeiffer
Product Manager Lubricating Greases

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