rhenus TS 440 coolant

No matter whether the challenge is posed by consistent processing, changing manufacturing processes or varying materials, any company wanting to modernise its manufacturing must manage demanding processes efficiently. This requires a reliable coolant that can also be used flexibly. With our new rhenus TS 440, we have developed a product which is largely focussed on meeting these requirements. It can be used for many materials, is powerful, delivers a consistently high level of performance reliability and is particularly easy to handle. So you can concentrate on your production process.

Uncompromising long-term stability

A crucial factor when it comes to the economic efficiency of manufacturing processes is the long-term stability of the coolant. This can be achieved in several ways. With rhenus TS 440, we are offering a stable coolant that contains absolutely no controversial secondary amines, boron or formaldehyde depots, meaning it contributes to improved health and safety.

More flexibility, lower cost: rhenus TS 440 is the ultimate all-rounder

rhenus TS 440 is a unique robust coolant that sets itself apart thanks to easy handling and providing the highest level of quality, reliability and health and safety. No matter whether you require it for grinding, turning, drilling, milling or thread cutting: rhenus TS 440 is designed for a wide range of applications and materials and will become a critical success factor for your manufacturing processes.

Designed for a wide range of applications and materials

rhenus TS 440 application

rhenus TS 440 is the result of state-of-the-art coolant technology

A comprehensive range of applications:
Suitable for all standard manufacturing processes and modern machine parks — the coolant was developed for steel and cast iron, but is also well suited to use with other materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals or plastics.

Above-average performance reserves:
Maintains a high level of performance even when production processes are constantly changing and in demanding production conditions.

Low maintenance and robust composition:
Reduced maintenance effort and optimised process costs thanks to robust composition — without harmful ingredients such as boron, formaldehyde depots or secondary amines.

An excellent level of PH stability and impressive foaming behaviour means rhenus TS 440 not only reduces maintenance requirements, but can also be used reliably over a long-term period. It is this combination of properties that make rhenus TS 440 unique.

Areas of application

  • Grinding

  • Turning

  • Drilling

  • Milling

  • Thread cutting

Let rhenus TS 440 work for you.
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Head of Product Management

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