Water-miscible coolants –
maximum performance at low consumption

Powerful coolants are a prerequisite for efficient metalworking in turning, drilling, milling and grinding. Water-miscible coolants from Rhenus Lub form finely dispersed and stable emulsions with minimum discharge loss. Top-up concentrations of 1-2 % are usually sufficient.

Water-miscible coolants which safeguard your production process

We develop our product range together with customers and technical institutes,
among others:

  • Coolants free from amine and boric acidRL
  • Boric acid-free coolants based on alternative amines
  • Two-component coolants
  • Multifunctional products

Areas of application

  • Magnesium processing
  • Demanding aluminium alloys
  • Heavy machinable materials, such as titanium, Inconel
  • Standard materials, such as steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals

Amine and boric acid-free coolantsRL: skin-friendly, environmentally friendly and stable

Rhenus Lub is the first company to make standard the existence of amine and boric acid-free coolantsRL with extremely low potential for causing allergies. Furthermore, the amine and boric acid-free coolants from Rhenus Lub have verified skin-friendly pH values of 7.5 to 8.5 – with no impairment of emulsion stability.

rhenus FU 800The coolant of tomorrow: rhenus FU 800

Rhenus Lub entering a new era with the latest generation of coolant.

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composite machiningrhenus special coolant for efficient composite machining

For top-quality workpieces with minimal post-processing and waste.

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