Special lubricants from Rhenus Lub – first-class in quality
and safe for your processes

The wide ranging portfolio of Rhenus Lub special lubricants covers water-miscible and neat oils as well as high-performance greases.

Our products are used in a variety of industries from A to Z. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and produce in accordance with strict quality levels and go far beyond the standards in terms of economics as well as ecology and health protection.

This is where the strength of an innovative, flexible and owner-managed business can be seen.

rhenus water-miscible coolants

Less wear, lower consumption and long service life. Our coolants that are free of amine and boric acidsRL. They are particularly compatible with the skin and gentle on the environment.


rhenus neat oils

High process safety und heavy loads, low evaporation loss and low in consumption thanks to good drainage.


rhenus lubricating greases

Maximum speeds, high demands on cleanliness, extreme temperature fluctuations or rough environments – reliable lubrication in a variety of conditions.


rhenus lubrineering – Fluid management

The unique combination of excellent products and engineering. You can save up to 30 % in the production process and reduce your unit price costs.


rhenus FluidSafe LubControlSystem

Measure the quality of your coolant. In real time.