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Power engineering
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In their production, materials, which are versatile and especially used in power engineering, require both special and universal coolants for machining.

rhenus water-miscible coolants and neat oils are suitable for different machining processes and materials in power engineering. They guarantee long-term stability, prove convincing through excellent flushing action and protect against corrosion. In this way, the coolants from Rhenus Lub make a significant contribution to cost reduction.
rhenus special greases are used in the field of applications, such as for plain and rolling bearings, gears and guides. To ensure optimal reliability, the special greases are continuously optimised and designed according to the specific technical parameters.

They reliably protect against wear and tear – with a positive impact on maintenance intervals, downtime and operating costs.


  • Water-miscible and neat versions
  • Suitable for all machining processes and materials, such as gear wheel machining and hobbing or tooth flank grinding
  • Universal or special coolants

Special greases

  • Designed according to specified technical parameters
  • Suitable for maximum speeds, sealed bearings and high loads
  • Fail-safe operation, low breakdown susceptibility and extended lifetime
  • For-life lubrication

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